We are a foundation created at the beginning of the war in Ukraine by entrepreneurs and humanitarians who combined skills and experience to respond to the emergency.

Our core values

The principles of humanity, neutrality, impartiality and independence are fundamental to humanitarian action, and they are the core of our values.

Our objectives

Thanks to an extended expertise on innovative projects, we aim to propose solutions during humanitarian crisis, and deploy them in a quick and agile manner.

Innovation for reconstruction

Our Lab works on innovative projects to provide mid to long term solutions to war consequences, both in the domains of  supply chain and housing.

Last mile humanitarian supply

We provide a multisectorial response: food (60%), medical (20%), NFI (20%) to 16 Ukrainian Oblasts, and have so far delivered 4,000 tons to victims of the war.

Volunteers selection

We run a team of volunteers that we train and onboard through specific processes, in order to ensure a fully secured selection.

Information management

We have created an info desk in Lviv to help refugees on questions related to international travel, immigration rules and local shelters.


Tons of humanitarian aid


Humanitarian trucks


Refugees supported


Volunteers on the ground