As the war rages in the East of Ukraine, some parts of the West, such as the Lviv Oblast, are perceived by some as providing an acceptable level of security. Local NGOs across Europe also state that more and more refugees are thinking about returning to Ukraine rather than staying in refugees centers or host families. Our Back2UA program has been created to offer them comprehensive information and transport solutions for Ukrainians wishing to return to their country.

This number is still relatively small, but we believe this trend will grow over time, and that we need to offer a return solution. The needs are twofold: transport and information. Team4Humanity offers a solution for both: on transport, through the program Back2UA, managed together with the NGO Friends of Medyka, and on information thanks to its Lviv based multi-channel Information Desk.

Back2UA’s mission is to offer regular bus routes from European major cities to Ukraine, in collaboration with private partners, local NGOs, public bodies at a local, regional, national and European level, and in coordination with the Ukrainian cities and authorities.

This global solution of transport and reliable information, provided by Ukrainian volunteers, would answer the wish of Ukrainian refugees to go return to their home country, and the willingness of European countries to progressively, as the situations evolves and hopefully improves, reduce the number of refugees living in the said countries.

As can be seen on the graph, the month of May 2022 has seen a clear inversion of the flow of refugees: there are now more Ukrainians crossing the borders from Poland to Ukraine than from Ukraine to Poland.

UNHCR STATISTICS: Refugees from Ukraine across Europe, May 19th, 2022:

  • Refugees from Ukraine in Europe: 6.36 Million

  • Registered individuals for temporary protection: 2.8 Million

  • Movements back to Ukraine: 1.9 Million

  • Applied for asylum: 31.669