Our programs

Team4Humanity currently runs 4 programs within its Team4UA program:

  • Multisectoral response to the humanitarian crisis
  • HIVE Project: long term shelter 3D printing
  • Multichannel information center, based in Lviv
  • Back2UA Project: transportation from Europe to Ukraine for refugees willing to return home

Project HIVE: 3D house printing

Team4Humanity and its Ukrainian and internationals partners are developing an ambitious 3D house printing program, using new technologies to build houses faster and cheaper than with conventional methods.

Multichannel Information center

Team4Humanity’s Information Center operates from Lviv, in an office located in the city center, from 10a.m to 8p.m 7 days a week, and through a multi channel stream: Telegram, web chat and telephone.

We are constantly looking for partners and funding on these projects

Please contact us is you think you can help. Our needs are numerous: talents, funding, software licenses , hardware, etc.